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What is the Chill Cube?

The Root Engineerings Chill Cube is an easy to use ambient air circulator. Its special design enabeles a constant and smooth air flow in its environment and uses special carbon and pollen filters to reduce air pollution without additives.


As cleaning ambient air circulator the chill cube presents itself by its attractive design. Developed as an alternative to conventional fans, it ensures a constant air movement and improves the indoor climate.

Easy to set up

The Chill Cube is easy to assemble and reminds of a 3D puzzle game.


An implemented air filtration similar to industrial filter systems reduces bad smell, smoke and dust in the Chill Cubes surrounding. Air filters are easy to set up and support the ambient climate.


Combined with dust and pollen filters the Chill Cube also reduces allergic reactions.

Cooling and heating

An outstanding additional feature is the Chill Cubes multi function inlay. This feature allows to apply cooling and heating packs to influence ambient climate conditions.

With its attractive design the Chill Cube fits perfectly into every office and living room!

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Chill Cube

...for a better personal climate

  • Easy to use
  • USB compatibel
  • Exchangeable carbon, dust and pollen filters
  • Available in different colors
  • starting at € 99

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