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The Automated Climate Cell is an easy to use precison farming system for autonomous horticultures. Its intuitive handling allows hobby gardeners as well as agriculture enthusiats to gain optimum results with the minimum of effort.

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Easy to use

Unlike conventional growing systems, such as greenhouses, the ACC is distinguished by its focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. By combining ease of use and innovative technology it is possible to achieve professional results in plant growing for everyone. And all that without special skills required!

In addition to the automatic mode, experienced users can switch to a semi-automatic control and customize the loaded cultivation scheme. The possibility of switching the operating mode allows even professional users to take advantage of our system and to tease out even more from the plant with a little luck and practice.

(Photo: ACC in operation)


The ACC system is technology leader in the field of professional home growing. Highly efficient components ensure in conjunction with a unique concept a new efficient and sustainable form of plant breeding.

(Photo: The ACC compared to conventional systems)


With the Automated Climate Cell it is possible to grow seasonal products throughout the year in your own garden by simulating seasonal and daily changes in nature. This enables self-supply and self-medication1 with minimal maintenance costs.

1 Root Engineering GmbH does not take any responsibility regarding the use of the ACC. Customers and end users are advised to inform themselves about the current situation in law for homegrowing plants.

(Photo: Paprika inside the ACC)

(Photo: Hemp inside the ACC)

Technology leading

A custom configured LED matrix with height control as artificial light source is not only eye-catching. It also optimizes the plants grow phases and reduces the energy costs significantly. Special built sensors, are able to identify the plant growth and to keep the light source at a safe distance to the plants.

The nutrient supply to the roots is one of the most outstanding features of the ACC. This does not happen as usual by a rooting medium such as soil, coconut or water containers in hydroponics.
The roots of the plants hang freely in a separate root zone and are supplied by a dense mist with nutrients and water. This so-called aeroponic system atomizes a nutrient solution into tiny droplets that can accommodate the root of the plant very well.

(Photo: Selfregulating artificial light source)

(Photo: Roots in the aeroponic root chamber)

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