Root Engineering GmbH is a young corporation located in Vienna, the capital of Austria. Focused on efficient and sustainable use of available resources and technologies our creative team is constantly looking for new technological approaches.


Root Engineering GmbH started with a small team of motivated students around the initial private hobby project ACC. The success of the first prototypes inspired the team to think in bigger terms in order to bring their products into the real market.


As technology leader in the field of precision farming Root Engineering GmbH combines efficiency and sustainability in new and innovative concepts.

Made in Austria

With begin of 2015 Root Engineering GmbH was founded by Markus Kraut and Felix Almer. Core business area is the development and conception of highly efficient climate cells, artificial illumination modules and nutrition supply systems.


Markus Kraut Chief Executive Officer

Management, System development, CAD, Electronics

Felix Almer Chief Information Officer

Management, Software development, Testing and Validation